Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Return of the Doc....

Even more time has elapsed since my second entry, but I have a better excuse than last time. I have been frightfully busy with work. I am currently scrambling to finish a lab manual for a publication deadline in April. The writing process has been hampered by procrastination, mountains of paperwork, and the usual business of being a husband and father. Still, I have found the whole business of writing to be extremely rewarding.

On another note, I have become fascinated with using web 2.0 tools in creating new educational environments as well as collaborative workspaces for future writing projects. I am currently learning the basics of HTML and Java. I realize that I am a late-comer to this whole process, being now at the ancient age of 34, but I am certain that mastering the basic skills of browser communication will open new doors for my career path.

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